waish | binaries and sugar.


Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves. - Genesis 3:7

As a kid, I wanted to be two things.

One, I wanted to be the greatest fruit vendor in the local souk. I loved green apples, and rationalized that I’d have an unlimited amount if I was the person selling them. Unfortunately, the economics didn’t exactly pan out and I’ve put that dream on hold.

Two, I wanted to be a مخترع which is the Arabic word for an inventor. That was much more plausible in the present-day. The ability to materialize something out of nothing has always resonated a certain romance to me, and it’s my guiding light.

I was born and raised in Bahrain, and hopped over the Atlantic to the US in 2011 where I attended college, and currently work. My day job consists of coding Clojure at a machine learning consultancy. On weekends, I hack out Python and more Clojure. Most of my projects revolve around machine learning applications, social data, and language projects… who am I kidding? I make Twitter bots, scrape data, and piss off companies.

I expect this site to be an outlet for some of those interests mixed in with commentary on politics, history, and culture. I’m an Arab on the left, it’s pretty much out of my control. Hopefully the blog doesn’t remain completely dormant. With every new project, I begin with a base commit titled ‘Genesis’ after the Biblical creation story. So as is tradition, this is this site’s Genesis.